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Their vision is to accommodate the growing needs of the Muslim Community in the Detroit Metropolitan Area and beyond. The Institute has seven guiding principles:


     1. Focus on bringing the message of the Prophet Muhammad, his blessed, pure Household, and his righteous companions to the Muslim community.

     2. Provide Islamic educational material in an online venue in order to reach Muslims throughout the community, America, and the world.

     3. Encourage Muslims to use their God given talents to pursue scientific, technological, and philosophical endeavors to help mankind.

     4. Promote a balanced understanding of Islam as a holistic and peaceful system of living.

     5. Promote educational seminars and resources focusing on the strengths and weaknesses of the community.

     6. Provide encouragement and solutions to everyday social issues of the community.

     7. To educate, empower, and nurture the minds of our youth in order to develop future leaders united in faith.