Funeral & Memorial Services details
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The Muslim community in the United States faces a great deal of social challenges brought about by forces from the mainstream society. The forces of the media; the presence of alcohol, and drugs; the proliferation of adultery and fornication; and, the atmosphere of a society lacking guidance all contribute to the challenges faced by our communities. 


Islamic counseling is offered for marriage and family issues, for mental health cases, and for religious guidance. The principles of Islamic counseling are the following: confidentiality, trust, respect, recognizing the difference between arbitration and counseling, loving what is good for other people, making peace between people, concern about Muslim affairs, good listening habits, understanding others’ cultures, the partnership between Imams and professionals, awareness of the law of the land, and the ultimate goal of connecting people with Allah and offering spiritual solutions to them.

If you or a loved one are in need of support in your personal life or with family, our Imams at the IIOK are ready to serve you. With their guidance and advice, God willing there will be solutions to your problems. All matters will be handled with sensitivity, compassion, and complete confidentiality.


To schedule a counseling appointment, please call 313-584-2570.