WASIYAH DEENIYAH - Islamic Institute of Knowledge المجمع الاسلامي الثقافي
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In life, there is only one thing that is promised and that is death. As we grow, we accumulate deeds and worldly possessions. The holy Qur’an and traditions from the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) stress the importance of preparing for the time of our death and one way to prepare is to have a Wasiyah, or will, written. A well written Wasiyah becomes very important after one’s passing. It outlines the way in which our worldly possessions will be distributed amongst our family. The Qur’an gives us guidance on how our wealth should be inherited after our passing, although there are portions that are left for the individual to decide upon. The process of writing a will that is in accordance with the laws of Islam may be difficult for most people. At the Islamic Institute of Knowledge, we hope to make the process simple by providing assistance, support, and the information needed to write a Wasiyah.


To schedule an appointment to write your Wasiyah, please call 313-584-2570.

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